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Marc's Testimonial

On July 6, 2009, I decided to get moving, lose weight and get healthy. At that time I weighed 425 pounds. I knew it was high, but not that high. As I got started, I informed Bonnie that I was trying to lose weight. She offered her expertise and knowledge on weight loss, health and fitness. With her guidance, support and help, I was able to lose 200 pounds in 14 months. It's something only people dream about, but with Bonnie's help, I turned that dream into a reality.
Bonnie set up my meal plan, workout schedule and would offer daily advice and support. Her vast knowledge on the subject made her the right choice for me. Our workouts are ever changing, different, and uniquely designed towards my goals. Whether it's in the gym or out, the workouts are incredible.
I would recommend Bonnie for anyone who is looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. She knows what she is doing and knows how to motivate and inspire someone to reach their goals.
Finally, if you want to change your life, like I changed mine, get Bonnie Maxson on your team. She is the best!

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