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34 videos to choose from and many more to come!!! The link and password set will come via email within 24 hours of purchase. Please make sure that your correct email is listed with PayPal. Statement may be from SLAMmin Promotions since they are handling my billing

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Rain and Lacey take on the team of Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze. FIP show from Sept 27, 2007. 16 1/2 minutes long and 268 MBs.
Yours for just $5!!
First women's match at CZW- Rain vs Lacey. This is another hard hitting match in the feud between these two before they figured out that they might be better off teaming with each other rather than beating the heck out of each other!! Video length 10:52 and 176 MBs.
Yours for just $5!!
WEW Battle Royal! Rain, Lacey, ODB, Sumie Sakai, Shantelle Taylor and more!! Over 13 minutes long and 148 MBs.
Yours for just $5!!
A match between Rain and Lorelei Lee from December 2006. Lots of action as both wrestlers try to win their first appearance at SCW. Guest ref was Lexie Fyfe and SLAMminladies filmed this for us! Over 13 minutes long and 42.3 MBs.
Yours for just $5!!
From August of 2005, one of the matches from the Rain vs Daizee Haze feud. You can really see the wrestlers that these two would become in this early match. Over 14 minutes long and 162 MBs.
Yours for just $5!!
Early match from an All American Wrestling show. Rain wrestles Phoenix (now known as Erica D'Erico in one of Erica's first matches. Outside interference, action in and out of the ring= one crazy match! Over 8 minutes long and 27.8 MBs.
Yours for just $5!!
Rain vs Amber O'Neal. Shot in SLAMminladies ring, this match pits Rain vs Amber in a one fall match up. Both wrestlers are at their heelish best during this with face rakes, hair pulling and smack talking galore. In between all the cheap tactics there is some really good wrestling with camel clutches, back slides and solid chain wrestling. If you like good wrestling between bad girls, this one is for you! Camera was acting up a bit so focus goes out every so often but you don't miss any action because of it.
Video is 247 MB and over 14 minutes long.
Yours for just $10!!
Rain and Trinity vs Jazz from Ring of Glory. Rain and Trinity were at the show as fans sitting in the audience. Jazz took exception to this and called Trinity out. Trinity sends in her "trainee" Rain to teach Jazz a lesson and the melee begins. The match part itself is about 7 minutes long but we included the intro and Jazz and Trinity's promos so the video ends up being 12 minutes long. Check it out!
Video is 37 MB.
Yours for just $5!!
Rain vs Mickie Knuckles for IWA MidSouth. This match was from June 18, 2005 and the feud between Rain and Mickie was really starting to heat up!! This one spills outside the ring and tables and walls come into play! Check it out!
Video is 152 MB and over 13 minutes long.
Yours for just $5!!
Rain vs Mercedes Martinez for the WSU title. This match went all over the building and then some! Both these wrestlers felt this one the next day!!
Video is 238 MB and over 43 minutes long.
Yours for just $5!!
Rain vs Kristin Astara aka Krissy Vaine. This is not a typical wrestling match. It was a custom video that features test of wills. Long test of strength sequences in this one as each wrestler tries to make the other give up.
Video is 101 MB and over 11 minutes long.
Yours for just $12!!
Rain vs Daizee Haze from April 1, 2005. This is another in their IWA feud. These two had some hard fought battles and this one is no different- hard hitting action and great wrestling!
Video is 352 MB and over 11 minutes long.
Yours for just $5!!
Rain intros this video and explains that she and Chris Gray are going to train and see who can pin or make the other tap out the most in a 30 minute time period. Loads of submission wrestling in this one. Rain is extremely competitive and does not like to lose but neither does Chris. Lots of legwork, anklelocks, headlocks, sleepers, full nelson and more!
Video is 248 MB and over 30 minutes long.
Yours for just $18 or you can get this and the 57 picture action shots from this match for only $24!! Be sure to choose the correct button below.

Video only:

Video plus photoset:
Rain vs Mickie Knuckles! This match is from IWA on June 17, 2005. Rain had a feud with Mickie Knuckles going on at this time. Good camera work and some great wrestling- watch and see!
Video is 200 MB and over 18 minutes long.
Yours for just $6!!
Rain 'N Dynamite 2! Jennifer Blake is still trying to get into the International Home Wrecking Crew but Rain, Jetta and Lacey are not convinced. Rain thinks that Jen needs to prove herself some more so when they were up visiting with Amber O'Neal, Rain convinces Jen to feed the cows. Watch the fun that ensues!!
Video is 162 MB and almost 30 minutes long.
Yours for just $5!!
Custom match vs Chris Gray. Very competitive intergender match up. Rain gets in quite a few shots but Chris has the strength advantage and shows it with over the knee backbreakers, Boston Crabs and more. Piledriver finish to this match!!
Video is 249 MB and 15 1/2 minutes long.
Yours for just $15 or you can get this and the 66 picture action shots from this match for only $22!! Be sure to choose the correct button below.

Video only:

Video plus photoset:
Early match from 1st Pro vs Lacey. The crowd is really behind Rain in this match and Lacey doesn't like that at all! Shot with two cameras so lots of close ups plus full ring shots too!
Video is 203 MB and 12 1/2 minutes long.
Yours for just $6!!
IWA 6 way match! Rain vs Mschif vs Mickie Knuckles vs Daizee Haze vs Lacey vs Mercedes Martinez
Video is 371 MB and almost 23 minutes long.
Yours for just $6!!
WEW match pitting the Minnesota HomeWrecking Crew with Lucy Furr against Sumie Sakai and Annie Social. This match was for the tag titles. Which team comes away with them? Watch and see!! Includes pre match interviews.
Video is 127 MB and over 12 minutes long.
Yours for just $5!!
Rain vs Jessica James! Rain is at her heelish best in this match from earlier 2009 against Jessica James. This was the first time these two had met in the ring and they both gave it their all!
Video is 39.7 MB and almost 12 1/2 minutes long.
Yours for just $8!!
Rain vs Amber in a submissions only custom match. Two of the best go at it tooth and nail in this submissions only match as Amber takes on Rain! Make sure you see these two exchange sleepers, leg scissors, stomach punching, camel clutch, body scissors, and even a praying mantis! This match was taped during an O'Neal Appeal custom shoot and is shared by AmberONeal.net. Yours for only $6.99!
Video is 74 MB and around 6 1/2 minutes long.
NIW Wrestling- Rain vs Lacey from a match on January 7, 2006. These two were not friends at this point and did not hold back from letting each other know that! Lacey is the definite heel here using all sorts of illegal tactics. Rain gets in her offense though, never fear, and scores some near falls with sunset flips, small packages and more. Watch and see who wins this one! Yours for only $7!
Video is 156 MB and over 15 minutes long.
WEW singles match against Shantelle Taylor! Action packed match as the Radiant One takes on highflyer Shantelle Taylor. Shantelle has momentum in the beginning but Rain uses force and maybe just a little illegal tactics to wear her opponent down. This one goes to the wire. Who takes home the win? Watch and see!! Yours for only $5!
Video is 49.5 MB and over 15 minutes long.
Title match- Rain vs Sara Del Rey. This was for Ohio Championship Wrestling for their women's title which was held by Sara. Sara sure has become vicious lately. Watch the beating that Rain receives during this match!! Not that Rain doesn't dish out some punishment of her own. Good camera work for this video. Yours for only $8!
Video is 49.5 MB and over 15 minutes long.
Rain vs Mercedes Martinez from WXW's Elite 8 tournament in 2008. Rain had already beaten Becky Bayless to move up in the tournament but now her opponent is the tough Latin Sensation herself!! Yours for only $8!
Video is 247 MB and over 15 minutes long.
Make sure to check out WXW to buy the whole tournament on DVD!!
IWA match against Daizee Haze. This was from Volcano Girls!! Yours for only $5!
Video is 169 MB and 10 1/2 minutes long.
WXW Elite 8 tournament from 2008. First round pits Rain against Becky Bayless. Rain won to go onto round 2 but it wasn't as easy as she hoped!!
Yours for just $8!!
Video is 128 MB and 8 minutes long.
WXW is selling the entire tournament on DVD. See their site to order!!
WEW matchup pitting the Minnesota Homewrecking Crew vs Bobcat (aka Pussy Willow) and Shantelle Taylor. Shantelle and Bobcat had never tagged with each other before. Do they stand a chance against a fine tuned team such as Lacey and Rain??? Probably not as Bobcat gets injured early in the match leaving Shantelle to fight two against one!! Watch and see!
Yours for just $5!!
Video is 132 MB and 8 minutes long.
FIP on June 30, 2007. YRR members The Minnesota Homewrecking Crew team up with Amazing Kong against crowd favorites Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze and Allison Danger. Their opponents are all great wrestlers but with a diabolical teaming as Rain, Lacey and Amazing Kong do they stand a chance? This one is worth seeing just to see the glee on Lacey and Rain's faces as Kong tears apart the opposition!! Watch and see!
Yours for just $6!!
Video is 285 MB and 17 1/2 minutes long.
This match was filmed at a USCW show in Macclenny, FL. Amber had Gary Garvin as her manager that night and he definitely got involved in the match. Does Rain prevail in this two on one situation? Watch and see!
Yours for just $8!!
Video is 244 MB and 15 minutes long.
The first installation of Rain 'N Dynamite!! Girl Dynamite, Jennifer Blake really wants to be a part of The International Home Wrecking Crew so Rain puts her through a little initiation process. Shots from the pool, the gym and the basketball court plus commentary from The Radiant One herself!! Check it out now!!!
Yours for just $20!!
Video is 482 MB and around 30 minutes long.
This is a tag match from RCW dated 03/06/04. This pits Lacey and Daizee Haze against ODB and myself. Did the goodie two shoes really think they could hold their own against a devious team such as me and ODB?
Yours for just $8!!
Video is 173 MB and 10 1/2 minutes long.
Here is an early match between Lacey and myself for PWO on 01/08/04. I had been wrestling around four years by this time and you can start to see the heel that I am today!!
Yours for just $8!!
Video is 166 MB and a little over 10 minutes long.
The first match that I am putting up for download is a recent back and forth battle between myself and Amber O'Neal. SLAMminladies let us use their ring for this one and we had fun battling it out. Hope you'll enjoy it!
Yours for just $12!!
Video is 98.4 MB and slightly over 6 minutes long.

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